Go Go Bags
Nonwoven Grocery Shopping Bags

Here we live, shop and play without harming the world around us. We are the Go Go Bags and we will love to be part of your home too! Together we can make a difference. We make it easy and enjoyable for you to “reuse and use better” in order to preserve and protect the wonderful world around you.

Irresponsible use of plastic has resulted in seriously endangering planet earth, we are here to help! By using better plastics, reusing and recycling you can save your planet and the creatures and plants you share it with.

Go Go Bags are reusable, recyclable, breathable and phyto-degradable. We hope to share in your adventures for a long time – assisting you on shopping trips and other days out as well! Be creative and see what else we can be used for. We love helping on trips to the beach or helping children carry their toys or books!

The best part, Go Go Bags are affordable, and you can replace all your plastic shopping bags without breaking your budget! We are strong enough to keep your purchases and planet safe!

How You Can Help

Take a Stand
When you stand in a queue at the grocery store – Grab a Go Go Bag!
Take Us in Hand
When you’re leaving home for a day out and about – Grab a Go Go Bag!
Go Go Bags
When the milk and bread is finished and off to the store you must go – Grab a Go Go Bag
make a difference
Whenever you are on the move remember to Grab a Go Go Bag

…because some things are worth saving and you CAN make a difference!

For Orders and Queries

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Email: sales@gogobags.co.za

Recyclable, Reusable, non-toxic Washable, Durable Bags